Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Lacquered fan earrings

Get a pair of authentic lacquered fan shaped earrings for only RM9.90 per pair (excluding postage).

Feel free to contact us.

Code : E-062007-2

Pearl twist

Nothing spells elegance more than pearls do. Small pearls shows a hint of sweetness. Now available sweet small pearls with a twist in either silver or white at RM9.90 (excluding postage).
If you like the twist, please contact us.
Code : B-06-2007-5

Something for the little ones!

I always love something safe and beautiful for the little ones. These sweet set of bangles are only RM7.90 (excluding postage). A choice of flower motive or jagged motive to choose for the apple of your eyes.
If you care to give a set for your beautiful little flower of love, please contact us.
Code : B-062007-4

Sunshine rocks!

If you are interested in the modern sunflower design, they are available at RM16.90 per piece (excluding postage).
Contact : lovedhusita@gmail.com
Code : N-062007-3

Modern flower power

Loving flowers is not weak. Wear it in style tell more words than saying it. Now you can tell the world in this modern brown flower piece at RM16.90 (excluding postage).
Feel free to contact us for details.
Code : N-062007-2

Let's shine

Either crazy clubbing or serious dinner, a shining piece of bracelet is the best way to let yourself shine. The bracelet is available at RM9.90 (excluding postage).
Love to let yourself shine? Then please contact us.
Code : B-062007-3

Casual floral cuties

Daisy floral necklace for all cuties available in red or brown at RM16.90 per necklace (excluding postage).
Any lovers of flowery necklace can contact us.
Code : N-062007-1

Rebel with a bang

Let the rebellion in you ring out loud with these bangles at RM7.90 per pair (excluding postage).
Who says rebellion can't be beautiful? Contact us if you want to rebel with a bang.
Code : B-062007-2

Modernistic ice set

The modernistic ice set of earrings and bracelet are available at RM18.90 (excluding postage).
If you like the minimalistic yet attractive set, feel free to contact us.
Code : EB-062007-1

Cute blue spring spirit

The cute and happy spring inspired bracelet is available at RM9.90 (excluding postage).
Interested? Please contact us.
Code : B-062007-1

Elegant lacquer beads & crystals

The brownish purple lacquer beads with crystals spoke of elegance in simplicity. A set of earrings and necklace are available at RM25.90 (excluding postage).
To own one, feel free to contact us.
Code : EN-062007-2

Sweet rose bouquet set

The beautiful bouquet of roses made of clay is available for RM25.90 in a set of earings and necklace (excluding postage).
Whether you like to make them or have them, feel free to contact us.
Contact : lovedhusita@gmail.com
Code : EN-062007-1